Hypnotherapy Sessions

Your hypnotherapy program is designed individually to suit your needs.  We are all unique and there is no "one size fits all' therapy when it comes to creating lasting outcomes. 

Please contact Sharon to discuss how we can achieve your goals. 

Most individual programs are scheduled for 4 sessions, experienced fortnightly and 1.5 hours in length.

It is important to have time alone afterwards to reflect and consolidate what has been revealed by your very own inner wisdom.

Hypnotherapy Program

With experience working with many wonderful clients, I have found that a program of 4 sessions works best to address most needs including:

- stress and anxiety

- procrastination

- phobias

- trauma release

- pain management

- trauma after childbirth

Investment for a 4 session program: $560

Fearless Birth Program

The Fearless Birth Program is designed to prepare you for welcoming a new baby into your life. This is a series of 3 individual hypnotherapy sessions to build confidence, release fear and look forward to labour and birth. An extra session is available post-birth for those who require it.

Investment for Fearless Birth Program: $560

Anxiety Release Program

The Anxiety Release Program is for anyone with anxiety or fear-based feelings that are causing issues in their life. Including social anxiety, low self-confidence and phobias. 

A series of 4 individual hypnotherapy sessions over a period of 8 weeks will help you live your life with joy again.


Investment for the Anxiety Release Program: $560 

Stop Smoking Program

The Stop Smoking Program is designed to enable you to stop smoking for good in one single session! A free back-up session is available if you need it anytime within 6 months of your session. 

In order to enjoy success with this program you must have made the decision for yourself, that this is the right time for you to take control of your life. 

Investment for the Stop Smoking Program: $400

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy is a fascinating journey into a past life where you will experience yourself as a completely different person. Surprisingly, you do not have to have any particular spiritual beliefs or even believe in past-lives to have this experience. Whether you believe you have actually experienced a past-life or simply that your subconscious mind has created a beautiful metaphor for healing.... it works anyway. Healing and awareness is always profound after these experiences.

Clients will sometimes spontaneously regress to a past life during a hypnotherapy session however this is rare. Most people choose to experience a past life regression session because they feel they have an issue in this life that seems entirely unrelated to their history. Some have chronic pain or physical issues that are linked to an experience in a previous lifetime.

Many choose to simply have an exploratory past life session for curiosity.

Past Life Regression is offered in a single session. These sessions are longer than a usual therapy session. Please allow up to 2.5 hours.

Investment for Past Life Regression: $250

Animal Energetics

Animal Energetic Hypnotherapy includes one session of hypnotherapy with the pet’s closest human and 2 remote energy healing sessions in the week following the hypnotherapy.

Allow 1.5 hours for the hypnotherapy session. All sessions are via the Zoom platform and if appropriate your pet can be in the room with you during the session (this is only possible if she/he is likely to be quiet and not necessary for success).

Follow up energy healing sessions with your pet will be done remotely (meaning that I do not have to be in the same place as your pet). I will require a photo of your pet and will schedule two half-hour sessions in the week following the hypnotherapy. Ideally this will be during a time when your pet usually rests.

Investment for Animal Energetic Hypnotherapy: $250

More info about Animal Energetic Hypnotherapy


A gentle, fast-tracked way to release stuck emotions and get rid of blockages without even knowing how you did it.

MINDSCAPING is not technically hypnosis but is remarkably effective at releasing all kinds of stuck states and blockages, emotional and physical. Also great as a top-up in the months following a hypnotherapy program.

Allow up to 1 hour for a MINDSCAPING Session. Sessions offered online via Zoom.

Investment for a MINDSCAPING Session: $150

More info about MINDSCAPING