• Sharon Taylor

Winter Blues

Are you low in energy, feeling down, noticed weight gain and changes in your appetite?… in short are you feeling SAD? Season Affective Disorder tends to rear its droopy head about now as Autumn drops it’s leaves and leaves us feeling forlorn…

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression related to changes in the seasons. Thought to be due to a reduction in sunlight over the Autumn and Winter months and more prevalent the further away from the equator you live.

The less sunlight we see in Winter messes with our biological clocks and can reduce the level of serotonin (a mood regulator) in our bodies. To make matters worse melatonin production increases encouraging us to sleep more. The result is waking up feeling sluggish and unmotivated.

What can help??

Sunlight of course which can be combined with physical movement to help give the body a burst of Vitamin D and endorphins. It can be tricky to get enough light in Melbourne Wintertime so make sure you are spending time in light-filled rooms if you are trapped indoors by inclement weather.

Hypnotherapy is a simple, effective tool to help release the burden of SAD. Our pre-conceived notions about Winter directly effect our reality. For instance, someone who associates Winter with terrible weather, minimal social events, and the flu season is more likely to experience SAD. In contrast, someone who looks forward to cosy fireplaces, hearty Winter food and the ski season will have a completely different emotional state.

Hypnotherapy can break the unhelpful associations and transform you into someone who loves and welcomes each season for its unique joys.

Tell me… is SAD something you are ready to release?


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