• Sharon Taylor

This Is Hypnotherapy?

"This Is Hypnotherapy?" were the incredulous words from one of my clients this week.

"What where you expecting?" I ask.

“I didn't expect to meet my inner self! People won't understand what you do. Everyone has this idea of hypnosis and it’s not what I just experienced. You need to help people understand.”

So, in a brave attempt to explain an “experience” I will describe what I love to do.

Let me begin with what I do NOT do. I do not take away your self-control with hypnosis. The exact opposite actually. I help you to access guidance from your inner self. I am fascinated by the wisdom each client brings to the session. There’s no way I could come up with that gold! It’s all you and of course this makes it perfect.

My sessions encompass whatever the individual needs… so they can be light or very intense. Either way the goal is healing, growth and wisdom. Let me be really clear. I don’t decide what you need. We leave that up to your subconscious mind… your own inner wisdom.

It’s a bit like if we were in a car together setting off on a journey. You are behind the wheel and I am the navigator beside you. I am there to advise you where to turn, when to stop and when to drive on. However, you are in control of the car and ultimately decide where the journey will take us. You don’t do this consciously. When you are in trance it is much easier for your subconscious mind to communicate with you and guide you to make positive improvements in your life. It is really the subconscious mind doing the driving.

So why can’t a problem be sorted by analysing and discussing it over and over?

Because then, you would be depending on your conscious mind to solve the problem alone. That is like just focusing on trying to fix symptoms without knowing the cause of the issue. You can take a paracetamol every time you have a headache and learn techniques to deal with the headaches, but wouldn’t it be better to prevent the headaches in the first place?

Analysing doesn't work

Some connections are made so long ago that we can’t consciously remember the original event. The subconscious mind drives your behaviour so we need to address deep seated issues at this level.

My process allows you to heal at the level of the original event. This removes ongoing symptoms because the problem is sorted at the source.

I hope that makes my hypnotherapy process a little clearer to those who want to release the subconscious beliefs that are preventing them from living joyfully.

Ultimately the only way to truly understand these powerful techniques is to experience them yourself.

Please feel free to contact me to organise a free consultation to see how I can best help you.


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