• Sharon Taylor

Thank You Stranger

Today I am grateful for bread rolls.

Now before some of you start thinking of all the reasons why I should not be eating bread…. Just pause… and be grateful with me.

There is good reason to feel blessed today. My son came home from his part-time job at the fruit and vegie market with a big bag, full of bread rolls and a sweet story. Apparently, the Gully Market has its own resident angel. A wonderful lady who buys produce from one seller and gifts it to another!

She had just bought bakery items from the local bakery and presented it to the fruiters. She then went on to buy vegetables that she took down to the local Chinese Restaurant. And this is not a one-off display of generosity… she turns up each week!

While I don’t know the motivation behind her kindness, I do know that she is rewarded also. We receive exactly the same type and amount of energy we put out into the world. It may not be from the same source but it will come back! This works for negative energy as well, so be carefully consider your thoughts, words and actions.

This story made me think of the gratitude task I give my clients. This is a task I also practice every-day.

I write down three things I am grateful for each night before bed. The benefit to me? I move through the world looking for things to be grateful for …. and suddenly that is all I see. All the kindness and beauty and love around me. It is impossible to feel grateful and have a negative emotion at the same time. Try it and watch your world transform.

So thank you lovely stranger who touched my life today and made me feel happy. You have earned a place in my gratitude diary tonight. I am so very grateful you exist. x


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