• Sharon Taylor

The day I hypnotised my cat

I’ll be honest with you. I’m a dog person. When I found myself without a pet a few years ago I decided I would try adopting a cat. There are many reasons I thought this would be a good idea.

A) I was really busy with work and couldn’t guarantee I could walk a dog every day

B) The lady at the pet rescue centre said that cats didn’t get lonely if their owners were away for long periods during the day

C) Cats are not needy (I don’t know where I got this information… maybe tv)

So my beautiful Freya came into our lives, small and terrified. Her history was largely unknown but it was obvious she had been abused. She cowered against the walls when a human was in the room and would streak out of there like lightning if the said human happened to be a man.

She gradually became accustomed to her new human family and particularly attached to me. There is probably not one photo of me in my house without Freya attached to me in some way. Constant physical contact is preferred but if I am moving around, she will sit patiently and watch me from a short distance away. Even going to the toilet was a social occasion with a little paw peeping under the door if I dared to close it … reminded me of having toddlers!

All this was very sweet but then the attachment took an unsettling turn. We would be woken to howls in the night… all night…. every night! My early morning routine now included cleaning up wee and poo from around the house. If we let her out for exercise as we had been doing during the day, she would refuse to come back inside but sit outside my bedroom window and howl all night. No one could work out what triggered this but to make things worse, the family then moved house. The behaviour worsened if you can believe that was possible. The humans were very, very upset and poor little Freya … I could only imagine what was going on for her. Something had to be done.

When I have a problem I research! After I had gathered enough information to write a book on the subject myself, I put everything into practice. I bought all several ‘cat trees’… those horrible looking things cats love to scratch and jump on. One of us would do a ‘prey sequence’ with her each night that involved playing with a toy mouse on a string, letting her hunt, catch and then eat her prey (we would feed her at the end of the game). We also sprayed cat pheromones around to help her feel more relaxed, emergency essence in her water….. do you get the idea? All these efforts worked to some extent. We saw some improvement but Freya still howled intermittently and still had ‘accidents’.

Then a miracle occurred! By that I mean I had an idea… stay with me, it was a miraculous idea! You see, I had been doing some surrogate hypnotherapy. This is where I work on an issue with a person who is unable to be hypnotised, through a surrogate who is usually someone close to them. I don’t believe this is common in hypnotherapy circles because it requires we acknowledge energetic connection between people. Go research Quantum Physics if you are interested in exploring this concept further. I have seen it work every time. I have only used this in cases of a small child or baby.

I will hypnotise the parent and bring their energy field to the baby’s so that they can join for the purpose of healing and growth. The parent then experiences their child’s perspective and feels their emotions. Sleep issues and more can be sorted using this technique.

But would it work on an animal? I discussed this with my hypno gurus (you know who you are!) who said it had actually been done before and it was not in fact an original idea… sad I know but I was still happy that I might be able to help my little cat. And so I attempted this one night in my own home with my daughter as the surrogate for the cat as she was the next closest person to myself in Freya’s life. My daughter had never been hypnotised before and I had never attempted this before so we were both curious. Freya sat at my daughter’s feet the entire session (1 ½ hours). This is not necessary and I would not normally have the animal or child in the room during a session. However it was wonderful to see she could feel the energetic connection that we had made.

My daughter easily blended with Freya’s energy and many insights came through as we regressed back into Freya’s past. Two traumatic events came forth. One was a time when Freya was a kitten and a man with large boots was trying to kick her. When I questioned whether this was the original event causing the current issues with Freya, we were told no. Back we went even further and suddenly found ourselves in a past life with Freya who was now a different cat. She had been abandoned by her family and was alone in a dark house. They had moved away and left her. She was scared and cold. I took my daughter/Freya through this lifetime and helped them uncover the important knowledge here. We then brought this beautiful, healed energy and knowing back through Freya’s timeline all the way back to her current life in this current time.

Would it work? I wasn’t to know at that time, but Freya sensed it was over. I asked my daughter … still in trance…how does it feel to know you have helped Freya when no one else could? As she answered how wonderful that felt to her, Freya hopped up onto her lap purring.

Best story ever right? But it gets better. That single session took place over a year ago and Freya is a new cat! A new, relaxed, beautifully calm and happy little purring ball of love. The first two days after the session there was a little night-time howling but not all night as had been her habit. Then on day three all the negative behaviour just stopped…. Like magic! No more howling, no more accidents.

My son recently said that he missed the old, crazy Freya. This one is just toooo relaxed. Haha. I definitely prefer my lovely cat in a relaxed state and I am sure she is grateful for this too. We still have the cat trees…. but I guess you can’t have everything.

If you are struggling with pet behaviour issues, give me a call.

Hypnosis allows you to help your pet yourself. They feel the connection and know that it is your love that has healed them. There is nothing more rewarding than that!


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