A gentle, fast-tracked way to release stuck emotions and get rid of blockages without even knowing how you did it.

Everyone has an internal map that can be explored for any issue, challenge or desire you want to….essentially a metaphor that your deeper mind has created

Many issues and stuck states can be addressed through MINDSCAPING including:

- blocked creativity

- relationship issues

- health problems

- motivation

- stress and anxiety

The Technique

MINDSCAPING does not technically use hypnosis and in fact can be done in a wide awake state with your eyes closed. It is a fun way to work with the subconscious mind and is much quicker than a regular hypnotherapy session.

Amazingly effective and very gentle. You don’t even have to tell me what the issue is, complete privacy is possible if needed as everything is represented as a metaphor.

Also great as a top-up in the months following a hypnotherapy program.

Allow up to 1 hour for a MINDSCAPING Session. Sessions offered online via Zoom.

Investment for a MINDSCAPING Session: $150