Congratulations on making the decision to take control of your birth!

Taking control doesn’t necessarily mean determining the exact birth outcome you want, although that is certainly possible. Taking control means that no matter what kind of birth you have, emotionally you remain calm and in control. These skills once learnt can be applied to all areas of your life, giving you strength and power under any circumstances.

You are in the minority during a time when the prevailing birth paradigm is pain, fear and medical intervention. Although many people are confused or scared about using hypnosis, consider for a moment that we are regularly hypnotised by television, news and other people to believe that childbirth is painful and dangerous. Our subconscious mind believes this and tells our body to respond accordingly.

We therefore (very naturally it appears) experience extreme pain when we go into labour.

"Your subconscious mind wants you to be safe….not scared"

Did you know that fear can make childbirth more painful than necessary?


However, when your subconscious is convinced that you are safe it can help you to feel relaxed, calm and in control during birth.

Contractions can be experienced as sensations and pressure, building gradually and naturally as labour proceeds and not something that's negative.

Physically birthing a child may feel intense requiring your total focus, or can be surprisingly manageable using hypnotic relaxation techniques.  Either way, you will feel in control of your emotions and physically relaxed.

What is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis is really just a very natural life experience. It is one that we have many times, every day.

Have you ever been driving home and then suddenly found yourself pulling up to your driveway, not having remembered the last 15 minutes of your journey?

Or what about when you have been absorbed in a good movie, completely feeling the emotions of the characters? These are all examples of natural, everyday hypnosis.

"Did you know that women who practice hypnosis and relaxation techniques in pregnancy can expect a shorter, more comfortable birth"

The Fearless Birth Mindset

Women who train their minds to release fear around childbirth have a completely different mindset going into labour. Instead of being at the mercy of contractions, they feel in control of their emotions, calm in their body, confident and peaceful in their thoughts.

Contractions are experienced as waves of energy, moving through the body, opening and expanding and allowing the baby to easily and naturally make her journey into the outer world.

Pain is often caused by the tension of clenching muscles during contractions.  You will learn how to relax your muscles consciously, overriding the tension-pain loop.  Also, how to numb pain sensations and even eliminate them if necessary, because you are not fighting your body, it is easier for it to do its job.

We trust our bodies to manage our digestive system, our breathing, our heartbeat… all without conscious attention. We can also trust our bodies to birth without conscious attention. The more someone can relax during birth, the easier it is for the body to do its job of birthing a child.

"Childbirth has the opportunity to be one of the most empowering experiences of a woman’s life"

About the Fearless Birth Program Sessions

Every woman approaches pregnancy, childbirth and mothering with their own personal strengths and challenges. The Fearless Birth Program takes advantage of this by offering individualised therapy within the sessions to suit your needs.  This ensures you enter your birthing space at your best….strong, relaxed and in control.

The Fearless Birth Program comprises of three sessions prior to birth and one session approximately six weeks post-birth. Each session will be approximately 1-1.5 hours in duration.

Between sessions you will have MP3 recordings to practice relaxation, hypnotic pain relief and a positive birth mindset. You will also receive an MP3 recording to listen to during labour and birth.

Investment for up-front payment for the program is $540 (saving of $60)

I have personally recorded the practice recordings because during our sessions together, your mind has been trained to respond to my voice.

This makes it easier for you to connect to your subconscious mind whenever you listen to my voice in the future. Suggestions are taken in more readily and the results are wonderful!

Why is the Fearless Birth Program different?

There are several wonderful birthing preparation programs available that use hypnosis. The Fearless Birth Program is different because it is an individualised program provided by me. I am qualified in both clinical hypnotherapy and midwifery.

Some women do not benefit from a generalised, group approach, but require very specific needs met in order to release fear and manage childbirth calmly.

Private hypnotherapy sessions with me allows this to unfold at exactly the right time and in exactly the right way for each woman.

"I specialise in women experiencing anxiety and depression during pregnancy and women managing trauma from a previous birth experience"

When to begin the Fearless Birth Program?

I offer a free phone consultation to discuss if your needs for birth preparation might be met by the Fearless Birth Program.

The ideal time to commence the program is around 32 weeks of pregnancy. This allows the mind several weeks before birth to form new, positive habitual ways of thinking and responding.


For further information on the Fearless Birth Program or to book a program, please contact me via one of the contact methods below, or my contact form.

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