Anxiety Release


Have you finally had enough of this lingering anxiety? Or maybe it is all out panic?

Before you decide to rid yourself of these feelings, ask yourself…. is it useful?

Stress and anxiety have a purpose. They create a response in your body that prepares you to run away from danger or stand and fight. This response is necessary in short bursts. It keeps you safe.

The problem occurs when the danger passes and the anxiety response continues, as if you were living in a war zone all the time! The body and mind was not meant to deal with continuous, long-term stress. It will let you know by sending you physical and emotional symptoms because it wants you to look after yourself. It has no other way of communicating with you.

If you have never tried hypnosis to manage or completely dissolve anxiety before, you are in for a treat.


Firstly, the relaxation component gives the body and mind a chance to finally rest. Next, it sets up direct communication with the subconscious mind. This lets you negotiate with the part of you that is trying to protect you with all this anxiety.

Finally, we will ask your amazing subconscious mind to find better ways to keep you safe without the unnecessary anxiety.

I know that you can feel completely out of control when strong emotions take hold of you.


You do NOT have to feel like this.  Learn to take back control of your life now.

The Release Anxiety Program is a highly individualised method to guide you to your personal place of calm and control.

The program includes four sessions of hypnotherapy over 8 weeks and two hypnosis recordings to enhance the changes made during sessions.

Investment for the Anxiety Release Program is $560 

You cannot do the same things over and over and expect your life to change.

When you are ready to be different please connect with Sharon for one on one change.