Animal Energetics

I began working with hypnotherapy to help anxiety in my own little cat, Freya. She is a rescue cat and came to us scared of almost everything, particularly large men. We dealt with all kinds of anxious behaviour from her including spraying the curtains and howling all night. After trying all the behavioural techniques I could learn with limited success, I decided to use my Energetic Hypnotherapy skills. You can read about my experience on my Blog Post.

In a nutshell, it was an astounding success! My cat became so relaxed that my son commented she may be too relaxed because she didn’t seem like herself anymore. What we were actually witnessing was the calm, little creature she really was. Four years on, Freya is still relaxed without any of the crazy behaviour we lived with for the first two years with her.

The Technique

More than energy healing alone, these sessions use someone in the animal’s human family to act as a surrogate for them. This involves a hypnotherapy session with ideally the person who is emotionally the closest to the animal.

During the session we connect with the animal’s energy and combine it with your energy so that you will essentially be feeling what your pet feels. We will release and heal your pet’s issue with energetic hypnotherapy, and then separate the energies to return to where they belong.

Not only do these sessions bring healing to your pet, but also offer a more beautiful understanding and connection between you and your beloved animal.

The Program

Animal Energetic Hypnotherapy includes one session of hypnotherapy with the pet’s closest human and 2 remote energy healing sessions in the week following the hypnotherapy.

Allow 1.5 hours for the hypnotherapy session. All sessions are via the Zoom platform and if appropriate your pet can be in the room with you during the session (this is only possible if she/he is likely to be quiet and not necessary for success).

Follow up energy healing sessions with your pet will be done remotely (meaning that I do not have to be in the same place as your pet). I will require a photo of your pet and will schedule two half-hour sessions in the week following the hypnotherapy. Ideally this will be during a time when your pet usually rests.

Investment for Animal Energetic Hypnotherapy: $250

Sleeping Cat