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Inner Wisdom Hypnotherapy
Inner Wisdom Hypnotherapy

The only journey is the one within

Rainer Maria Rilke



Hypnosis involves a very specific focus that may result in deep relaxation or alternatively, an alert concentration. We naturally find ourselves in hypnotic trances all the time. Perhaps during a period of daydreaming or driving a familiar route. Or perhaps when you are concentrating hard on a particular task or sport. During hypnotherapy, we deliberately create this special state for learning and growth. You are always completely in control and with guidance will access the subconscious mind where real change can occur.



You are a powerful being who holds all the answers inside. All decisions and emotions come from that deeper part of you... the subconscious mind. The unique combination of hypnosis and therapy (hypnotherapy) will enable you to make lasting change to beliefs, habits and behaviours that are holding you back from living the life you deserve to live.


 I use traditional hypnotherapy tools combined  with energetic work to acknowledge that we are also spiritual, energetic beings. The work will release energy that has become trapped in your body from a previous life event that is causing physical or emotional distress. By letting go of old programs and emotions that no longer serve you, you can bring healing and transformation to your life.

 My specialties are hypnotherapy for stress relief and anxiety, past-life regression, animal healing, spiritual hypnotherapy, preparation for childbirth, mindscaping and dealing with trauma after childbirth.

Inner Wisdom Hypnotherapy is based in Upwey and Warragul in Victoria, Australia.

All sessions are offered online via the Zoom platform. 

I have found this to be extremely effective and relaxing for our clients.



Release the trapped emotions that are stored in the body in the form of  fear, anger, apathy and pain in all its forms. Whatever baggage you have been carrying, it is time to let it go and experience what it means to be free.

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Excited about the future but something is holding you back? Unravel the confusion and experience true clarity about what you want.

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Sometimes our experiences in this life do not explain our current emotional or physical state. Could there be an imprint from a past life impacting on you today? Past life exploration is facilitated with the intention of healing and enhancing your current life circumstances.


Your hypnotherapy program is designed individually to suit your needs.  We are all unique and there is no "one size fits all' therapy when it comes to creating lasting outcomes. 

Please contact me to discuss how we can achieve your goals. 

Most individual programs are scheduled for 4 sessions, experienced fortnightly and 1.5 hours in length.

It is important to have time alone afterwards to reflect and consolidate what has been revealed by your very own inner wisdom.

I offer packages for my specialised programs including:

Past Life Regression

Stop Smoking

Fearless Birth Program

Anxiety Release

Animal Energetics



Sharon Taylor


Hi! I'm Sharon Taylor.


A clinical hypnotherapist and a midwife. They are one in the same. Both professions are my calling to be of service. Both professions give birth to something amazing.

I am here to offer my guidance, my compassion and my energy towards anyone who chooses a future free of fear.

I have always been fascinated by how extraordinary the human mind is and what we are capable of achieving by thought alone. Having witnessed the miraculous both personally and professionally, I am drawn to help others achieve their own transformation.


What people say...

“Sharon is understanding, passionate and educated.

I overcame fears from my previous birthing experience with the Fearless Birth Program. I would definitely recommend this to every person I know. It really helps you to focus on what a blessing it is for us as women to be able to bring life into this world in a calm & controlled way and it really changes the way birth is perceived.” 


—  Jo, August 2018


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